Chasing The Wind Episode 1 – Accessibility

My friend Avi and I are making a podcast!

The podcast is about everything. Test audiences have reacted positively.

We’ve been recording for a while to build up a buffer, and we have enough to go public. We’ll post episodes approximately when we feel like it.

The first episode is about accessibility – how to make things easy for other people to use, understand, and consume. In this episode we discuss how to make things accessible to many people, whether this is a good idea, and who does it well. In an effort to make things more accessible, we are including a list of references with every episode so folks can understand what we’re talking about!

This is my first experience making and posting shared content. It’s pretty fun! Credit goes to Avi for making the podcast with me, setting up the distribution system, and writing most of the descriptions and reference lists.


Download the episode: Chasing The Wind Episode 1 – Accessibility



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